5 Wedding Traditions And Their Significance and Origin

Weddings are full of wedding traditions- some that have stood the test of time and some that were added recently. Either way, it goes without saying that most weddings have some sort of symbols and traditions included; from a white wedding dress to a garter.

If you’re a bride-to-be, or just interested in a bit of trivia, you might be interested in delving into the origins and significance of these traditions. Read on…

Wedding Traditions # 1 White Wedding Dress

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Did you know that wedding dresses weren’t always white ?

It was Queen Victoria who first wore a white dress for her wedding. This seemed so natural as white symbolized purity and virginity . Soon , white became the norm for wedding dresses. Today, even though some brides have dared to wear colored dresses, the trend is very much in favor of the white wedding gown.

Lace, silk, satin , tulle and crochet are some popular fabrics and styles used in wedding dresses today.

Wedding Traditions# 2 Wedding Veil

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The veil is a sign of reverence and modesty in many cultures even today.

In weddings, the bride wears a bride covering her face and hair as she enters the church to show her modesty, purity and reverence to God and her husband.

However, some second-time brides choose to forego the wedding traditions of veils for various reasons.

Wedding Traditions# 3 Wedding Flowers and Bouquet

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Traditionally, a bouquet was carried by the bride containing flowers, herbs, and garlic. This was considered to protect the bride from any evil and bad spirits that might be lurking. Garlic was thought to ward off spirits and keep the bride safe.

While brides today don’t carry garlic anymore (mostly) , pretty flowers and foliage are common. The bride now usually choose the flowers to go with her choice or with the rest of the wedding theme.

Wedding Tradition #4 Bridesmaids

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Back in the day, a group of 10 young women accompanied the bride and were dressed similarly as well. This was to confuse evil spirits and protect the happiness of the couple.

Today, being a bridesmaid is both an honor and a responsibility. Bonus points if the dress can be worn again! Don’t you just love some of these wedding traditions ?

Wedding Traditions #5 The Wedding Ring

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The wedding ring is probably the most significant wedding symbol. Traditionally, a smooth gold band was slipped onto the finger of the betrothed to signify “endless” love and commitment or a sign of forever. The smoothness of the band embodied this and also denoted that the couple’s journey would be long and hassle-free.

Moreover, the wedding ring is also a signifier – a symbol that the person wearing it is ‘taken’ or unavailable to other pursuers.

Different countries wore the ring on different fingers till the fourth finger on the left hand was finalized because it held a vein that was connected directly to the heart – a love sealed for life!

Bonus : Carrying the bride across the threshold

twilight Edward carrying Bella
Who else remembers this scene from the Twilight saga ?

Though the exact origins of this practice aren’t known, a lot of brides find this endlessly romantic!

This tradition might’ve had a more practical aspect to it though – as the bride would enter a new home , one that she wasn’t familiar with. Carrying the bride across the threshold would prevent her from stumbling over it and make her entrance into her new home a favorable one. Stumbling was considered a bad omen in those days.

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