5 Wedding Traditions And Their Significance and Origin

wedding traditions

Weddings are full of wedding traditions- some that have stood the test of time and some that were added recently. Either way, it goes without saying that most weddings have some sort of symbols and traditions included; from a white wedding dress to a garter. If you’re a bride-to-be, or just interested in a bit […]

How to Plan A Home Solemnization at Your HDB or Condo (Update 2021)

plan a home solemnization

For couples who want to get married now, one option is to plan a home solemnization. It may not be how you envisioned your wedding day, and we agree. Unfortunately, desperate times call for alternate plans. Which is why, having your solemnization at home maybe one way to say I do. Last year, we had […]

#Wedding Planning Tips: Timeline – Singapore edition

He finally popped the question! Some of us have donned the bridesmaid’s gown for a tad too many. And now it’s your time to do your wedding planning. Now that you are engaged, what’s next? Set the Date is the #1 thing on the list. I would say, 9-12 months to plan a wedding is comfortable […]

He says: Budget Allocation

Woohoo! Today is Shaun Chen and Michelle Chia’s customary dinner… got to tune in soon to see how they did their wedding! Congrats! And now to the important stuff… According to a survey done in this book I am reading now,<em> “Emily Post’s Wedding Parties – Smart Ideas for Stylish Parties from Engagement to Reception […]