We are a Wedding Planner & Stylist Decorator, we provide services of :

  • Decoration 
  • Bespoke Design Service & Venue Styling
  • Actual Day Wedding Coordination
  • Signature Service ( Bespoke Design & Actual Day Coordination)
  • Wedding Planning Service
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Coordination
We have a different team for each services so you will get the best of both world. A well-designed and a well-coordinated wedding
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We have 3 services for Planning & Coordination, which are:


 Actual Day Coordination:

We are in charge in the execution of the wedding day program starting 2 months before the wedding.

You will handover to us, all the vendors that you have engaged and we will start liaising with them from that point on.

We will handle the rehearsal, programme of the day, finalisation meeting with the venue, Audio & Visual testing to the actual day 

This service starts 2-3 months before your wedding day


Signature Service

As we are both Wedding Planner and Decoration Company, this service embodies our core values of well-designed and well-coordinated wedding

You will have the ease of Actual Day Coordination Service and Bespoke Design Service.

Look at the explaination of the Bespoke Design Service below

This service starts 6-9 months before your wedding day


Full Planning Service

It is an upgraded version of Signature Service where we cover the vendor & venue sourcing, vendors liaison, budget management, timeline management as well as the Bespoke Design Service and Actual Day coordination.

This service starts up to 12 months before your wedding day.

For all the services, we have 2 types of timing, 9 hours of event service or 16 hours of event service

We have 2 ways to help you in Decoration & Styling, depending on the scope of decor that you require :


Simply Decor 

This is our Decoration & Production Service, where you tell us what is your theme and reference, then we will produce the decoration on the actual day.

We will list down the items, give you the proposal. Our proposal is always in bundle pricing. We only list the a la carte pricing for individual items.

Overall our bundle pricing is lower than a la carte items combined together.

Please note that you will need to know your theme and reference when you come to see us for Simply Decor

You can take a look at our Collection of Decor items that we have done before in our Decor Portfolio

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Bespoke Design & Styling

If you want elaborate and thematic wedding theme where all the elements gel together in cohesive way, this service is great for you.

We are not only looking at individual decor items, but we will be looking at the overall aesthetic experience.

From monogram, logo, flower, moodboard, cake design, actual decor and many more. 

Your wedding will look complete in perfect unison. 

Under this package, we will also liaise with venue’s florist ( if your wedding venue comes with decor package) to make sure that all the element gel together.

You can take a look at our Theme Portfolio here

There is a design fee and material & decor cost for this package.

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For Decoration service, we will give you a Decor Proposal based on the list of items that you required. In order to do that, we will require the first initial meeting.

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For all other services, we have a service fee based on the number of hours. For Actual Day Coordination, we have 9 hours of Event Service and 16 hours of Event Services 

Talk to us in Whatsapp to find out about the service fee

There will be 4 person on the wedding day. The first one will be the Lead Coordinator who will oversee overall programme, then 3 other coordinators who will be bride’s attache cum banquet IC, AV & Sound system coordinator and General Coordinator for Receptionist, F & B etc.

No, we currently don’t just provide dance floor or rent any props. Refer to our page on Decoration services

Yes, we do design and decor for Corporate Event, please contact us to see our Corporate Deck.

For Birthday Party, yes we do. We have minimum spending of $1,750 for Birthday Party Decor includes Backdrop, table decor and cake

Yes, we can. It is part of our Full Planning Service and a top up from our other services.

You can take inspiration from our Venue Portfolio here in this website 

We don’t put all the venue, but it is enough as inspiration and representation of what we do

Make your once in a lifetime planning experience super fun and stress free.

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