Signature Wedding Services Package

In weddings, both decor and coordination go hand in hand. While one determines the overall look of your wedding, the other drives the smooth and unhampered running of various activities both leading up to the event within the event and after the event – like light and sound, music and the teardown after. Many couples will opt for our Signature Wedding Services Package because it is the most value-for-money where you can save S$1,000 and get more services!

Who it’s suitable for?

Our bestseller package, this one is suitable for couples who want a hassle-free wedding where we customize decor, wedding stationery and provide wedding coordination services for a smooth experience.

Our Signature Wedding Services Package includes:

Wedding Branding

Personalised wedding stationery from the invite to the seating plan. Read more here.

Bespoke Design

Customised wedding decor from the backdrop and centerpiece to the wishing table. Read more on what’s offered here.

Actual Day Coordination

The dream package that gives your wedding a professional feel, ensures everything runs smoothly and leaves the hassle of planning the event out of your life. Read details of this service here.

Our dedicated team of coordinator and designers are thorough professionals, who are well-versed with what goes into creating a fabulous wedding, rest assured, this package promises you a seamless experience.

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